Current Projects Progress

AB-Graph: An authenticated Graph Data-Store80%

TruenoDB's Compute Engine70%

Distributed Live Video Streaming 85% 20%

Servio Palacios

Current: Ph.D. Student at Purdue University Position: Graduate Research Assistant (Since 2015)

I am a highly motivated Fulbright scholar from Honduras, Central America. In particular, I was born in Copan Ruins; Copan is an archaeological site of the Maya Civilization located in Honduras' western region.

Currently, I am studying the Ph.D. program at Purdue University. Distributed Systems, Information Security, Computer Networks, and Operating Systems are some of the topics that I am most interested in.

My vital goal is to look for better opportunities for underprivileged/underrepresented people.


Java [Advanced]
JavaScript [Advanced]
C/C++ [Expert]
Python [Advanced]
Scala [Intermediate]

Name Headquarters Progress Status Technologies
AB-Graph A simulator for a Novel Authenticated Graph
TruenoDB TruenoDB - Distributed Graph DataStore and Computation Engine
Java, Cassandra, Scala, JavaScript, ElasticSearch
Objective-C, JavaScript,CSS,HTML
OwnStream Distributed Peer to Peer Live Video Streaming
Java, JavaScript,CSS,HTML
Secure EMail Secure end-to-end email system using PKI infrastructure
Java, JavaScript
Purdue Bargains Purdue Bargains Search Engine
Java, Apache Solr, JavaScript, IronWorker
Network Driver Network driver for an Ethernet card
C, Linux
Web Server Build and evaluate a Web Server
C, Linux
Transport Layer STCP: Implemented a Reliable Transport Layer
C, Xinu
Scheduler OS Process Scheduler
C, Xinu Title Deeds Generator
Java Oracle Tax collection system
Java, C, SQL Server, Oracle